X86 wifi AP with MT7615?

Hi, I am looking into buying this adapter or this adapter for a fun side project.
Maybe even this MT7915 or another MT7915 or MT7916AN if they are supported. If it unfortunately really hard to find information about wifi card support for OpenWRT. Also how to know which one can support 2.4 and 5Ghz at the same time (basically two radios appear in openWRT)?

I basically want to mount the card on my homeserver running proxmox, pass it through to a OpenWRT virtual machine and try using it as an AP for both 2.4 and 5Ghz simultaneously. I already have a Pfsense VM on the same machine so no routing needed, just a dumb AP.

From what I see, OpenWRT supports the TP-Link RE650 which has the exact same wifi card inside. It seems like it would work but before I buy it I wanted to ask whether there anything else I should consider for my project? (planning to mount the card to a PCIe express slot of my motherboard with an adapter). I am not sure either whether PCIe+Adapter can power that card correctly. Can anyone help with that?

I know best solution is to separate concerns and to use a dedicated AP like Unify and I already have one. But I just want to see how much performance I can reach with a self made AP.

I'm using a x64 platform and can see a kmod-mt7915e driver for this wifi card.

For that you'll have to find technical specs for the hardware, this is not a matter of OpenWrt.

Maybe this also

Do you know what technical spec should I exactly look for to know whether it supports simultaneous dual band? Some say it has DBDC but it seems OpenWRT has problems with it, and some other do not mention DBDC but say it has dual radio. Also some are 2T2R while others are 4T4R.
Very confusing.

It is written clearly in the specs as DBDC dual-band-dual-concurents. The first card you have found apparently manages this.

EDIT : BTW in the title you mention 7615 while you would like to discuss about 7915.