X86 system + AP Help

Hello After realizing the limitations of my DL-WRX36 (running OpenWRT) I decided to buy a cheap Dell Optiplex 7040 SFF which has
Intel Core I5 (6500) 3.2Ghz
256 SSD
Dual Gig Eth port (for switch connection)
using a TP-Link TL-SG1005P for switch

I'd like to set up a AP. The question is, does the AP need to be running OpenWRT? I don't need something expensive, just enough to cover a small house with WiFi coverage.

The AP doesn't need to run OpenWRT.

Why not use the DL-WRX36 as the AP?

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I use TP-Link EAP610, works great as AP.

How did you set it up?

What are those limitations?
Specs look pretty good.

Setup will depend on the AP instructions.
The only configuration dealing with AP that I encountered with OpenWRT router, was to set a static IP for the AP.

I want to block as many ads online using a large list of filters I quickly ran into RAM issues. I also plan on adding more stuff to my home network as I learn. I'm also running a Gigabit connection line.

Can you provide me with a link for docs you followed in regards to stuff to do in openwrt? I keep coming across docs that assume both routers run OpenWRT.

The only configurations that I did was,

Disable wireless on the OpenWRT router:
Network > Wireless
Click Disable button for both the radio0 and radio1 (2.4GHz and 5GHz)

Set a static IP for the AP:
Network > DHCP and DNS > Static Leases
Click Add button and enter IP info for the AP.

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Thanks, Would it be any different (apart from giving 2 static IPs) adding 2 APs (mesh type style) to the same network?

For typical access points, no difference in configuration for the OpenWRT router.

I don't make use of nor recommend mesh so, No comment on that...

Just connected the AP to one of the ethernet ports and used TP link app on android phone to set it up (I now use omada softwate controller on a proxmox node but you don't need this).

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