X86 Support for ath11k and QCN9074

Hi everyone!

I've been building a CPE using a SBC, a Quectel 5G Modem and a WiFi 6 module (QCN9074). At the moment I'm running on Ubuntu but ideally I would like to switch to openWRT (mostly for the web interface LuCi).

Does anyone have experience on installing openWRT on x86 machines with ath11k and QCN9074 support? I've tried to build @robimarko 's qcn9074 branch but unfortunately I get an error when compiling the mac80211 modules.

Thank you in advance!

That branch mostly targets the ipq807x SOC, ath11k is only added as needed for that SOC. While that doesn't preclude ath11k support for x86_64, you will be the first to actually test it and will have to work out the details (provide patches as necessary). It's quite likely that some of the dependencies may not know about x86, yet - and then there's the distinction between kernel v5.10 and v5.15, which complicate the inter-target dependencies as well.

I actually did get a QCA6390 card working and since it's MHI it's not tied to any arch at all.
But the issue is that MHI and QRTR are in a really bad state in 5.10 and with 5.15 backports it's a big issue that they are not the same version.

So, I actually got it working on 5.10 but it was still throwing some warnings, then time ran out so I focused on IPQ807x.
Lets just say that its, way, way easier on 5.15

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