X86 Router build example for just 100 USD

No, for Russia 100 USD is not expensive, for example ISP DOMRU router Archer C9 costs 110 USD.
Info about electricity bills also in this post.

NanoPi R2S/R4S and some switch (maybe even Cisco from Avito? lol) would be faster and cheaper. Did you actually tested XL adblocking list on modern Rockchips or Amlogic SoC?

Which chromebox model do you have and do you have an idea of what its power consumption is like?

I know it's not a real measure, but Pi 4 can't handle youtube 4k 30fps, g3460 can 0.1% frame loss. I've tested. Also youtube " Jeff Geerling" showed, what Pi 4 can handle only 3.8 Gbit traffic, g3460 can even two 8 Gbit fiber NIC, i have no hardware to test more. But "my guess" g3460 can handle even 20-30 Gbit routing.

routing, or just moving the data ?

I'm a little bit nooby,(sorry if i'm an idiot) i can only test router to pc iperf3

then it's not routing, which is the CPU heavy part.

If you can tell me how i can test routing itself i will post here any meaures and pictures.
i have 2 PC with 2x8Gbit fibre card, and 2 pc with 2 intel i210 lan, also i have archer c9 router

force routing by putting them on two separate subnets.

Like my router is, my pc, my wife pc And than i should start iperf3?

only one PC have to be in a separate subnet, but yeah.

my pc
wife pc 192.168.<>1.1

put wife pc on the WAN side of the router, and put a static IP on the WAN port in the same subnet.

run iperf between the PCs.

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It sure as hell can. pi4 can route and shape a full gigabit at ~25% cpu usage. It can squid proxy a full gigabit with SQM at less than 100%. A youtube 4k video is only 50Mbps or so. Child's play. The cpu usage would barely register


I guess it depends on whether the Pi is to route that traffic (which would be a piece of cake) or whether the goal is to have the Pi actually display video at that resolution and framerate. The latter is more a question of GPU performance and whether the video codecs are hardware accelerated than anything CPU related, no?

Sure. I mean this is a thread about routing it never even occurred to me the post might be referring to displaying 4k video. on a router?

But yes it has zero relevance for a router as the GPU is the main workhorse for decoding and displaying video.

That would mean that you're pegging one core most likely, adding USB overhead etc on top of that's probably a bit optimistic?

No it doesn't peg a core with recieved packet steering set up correctly and that was with USB overhead. See the measurements RPi4 routing performance numbers

And if you read to appropriate place in the thread with the better ue300 usb nic it's really taking less than 10% of one core and 5% of another core to route and shape a gigabit

All tests are one way as far as I can tell and there's no verification on the other end?

iperf3 tests between a laptop and a desktop, verified on both ends

Hi! Sorry for extremly late respond, here is a my test!
Still can't figure out how to make second PC's nic's work in teaming to show more than 1 Gbit. Iperf3 just won't team NIC's on the same board..
Full 1 Gbit ~11% one core, second core ~7%
from my PC -> router ->

Good one man! I'm just thinking to buy this setup: HP ProDesk 600 G2 DM Mini-PC Pentium G4400T / 4GB DDR4 / 192GB SSD. I'm already have a UE300 usb3 ethernet dongle what I'm going to use as WAN and built-in ethernet as LAN what is going to connect with dumb AP to serve wifi and cable connections. Now I can get above setup under 100€.