X86 router best multigig configuration (Odroid H2)

I have a new setup running but I'm trying to figure out the best way to configure some extra ports. I just upgraded from an rpi4 on OpenWRT to an Odroid H2 (not H2+) with the netcard. The H2 has 2 native 1gbe ports and the netcard adds 4, 2.5gbe ports. I also just upgraded my internet service to 1gb and with a Netgear CM2000 modem w/2.5gbe port. So as it sits:

QSW-M408S with several LAN devices on 10gbe SFP ports. With the right transceiver I think I can get the H2 LAN port to 2.5gb to this switch on an SFP port

Odroid H2 w/ 2) 1gbe and 4) 2.5gbe ports. assuming the above, I'll have LAN to switch on 1 2.5gbe port and WAN to modem on another 2.5gbe ports.

I now have 2) 1gbe ports and 2) 2.5gbe ports unallocated on the H2. The QNAP switch has >4 open 1gbe ports and no 10gbe ports left.

Not that I -need- the extra H2 ports but to get some use out of them I see 2 options.....

  1. The QNAP switch supports link aggregation, so do I bond a couple at the switch? Does that add any benefit for multiple ports bonded @ 1gb at the switch? How is that setup on the H2 side?

  2. Set them up as extra LAN ports to be used at the @ 1gb and 2.5gb on the H2 like they were switch ports. How is that setup in OpenWRT? just bridged LAN to the first LAN port?

I tried a different SFP transceiver on from the H2's 2.5gb LAN to the switch and it didn't really work, runs at much less than 1gb.

Bonding some of the NICs at the switch is probably the best I'm gonna do to get better than a single 1gb link on the LAN side. I tried just bridging 2 more ports in OpenWRT then creating a Link Aggregated VLAN on the switch and this didn't seem to work out. After a few minutes it would drop the link until I disconnected all but 1 of aggregated ports. Any tips one this?

I don't have direct experience with this but, this thread looks like it may do it? This sounds like a cool project!