X86 router and Wireguard performance


I tried on my router (x86 virtual machine on VMWware ESXi 6.7, VM with 6 core, installed on a Intel Atom C2758 motherboard, 8 cores, 2.4Ghz) a new VPN configuration: until now, I always used OpenVPN, with 3 simultaneous connections and mwan3 as load balancer between these 3 connections and as policy routing features.

Each thread of my CPU is capable of (roughly) 100Mbps rate with OpenVPN: so ideally I was capable to get 300Mbps speed with OpenVPN (with 3 cores at 90-95%).

Now I am trying Wireguard, single VPN connection: in this case mwan3 is used only for policy routing features.

With 6 cores I get 650Mbps, 1 core at 90%, others 5 cores at 50% (I think I have reached maximum speed of my VPN provider with a single connection).

I am really impressed with Wireguard: now I would like to change my configuration and I think to install LEDE (18 version, I hope) on a new bare metal.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance