X86 openwrt sysupgrade not working

As subject said, i have build my own openwrt ( with config listed https://github.com/YumingChang02/openwrt_build/blob/main/config_x86-64_21.02, running on fitlet2 with UEFI, squashfs ) however, i have difficulty updating with luci flash firmware page or via terminal with sysupgrade command.

  1. is there must have dependencies needed such that sysupgrade can work properly?
  2. or the best way to update is to start everything from scratch and restore backup ( which works )

maybe describe the difficulty? (more information needed)

I tried multiple configs ( with or without ramdisk support, tring with ext4 squashfs ... etc ), my issues is that no updates seems to take place. sysupgrade in console shows is as follows ( i have a screenshot video, but it may not be easy to read, so i typed in all the messages shown on screen )

"Image metadata not present"
"Reading partition table from harddisk"
"Extract boot sector from the image"
"Reading partition table from image"
.... ( files to be kept for the update, such as /etc/config/network )
"Commencing upgrade.Closing all shell sessions"
[ kernel message ] "drop_caches : 3"
[ kernel message ] "ext4fs ( sda2 ) re-mounted, Opts: (null)"
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uninstall gzip then upgrade... (pulled in by docker)


Thanks a lot wulfy23!! this seems to work
( not in luci as it seems to hang? I only gave it around 3 minutes )

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