X86 NICs and in-stock alternatives to PC-Engines APU2?

@CopperCassette needs 3 ethernet ports based on post: WAN1, WAN2, LAN
I was suggesting a SFF with 2 ports or even 1 port may be enough, if a managed switch is used and VLAN configured.
WAN/LAN traffic is only 100Mbits, plenty of bandwidth.
LAN can be segmented even more and have more VLANs, but hen 1Gbits may not be enough.

If you do VLANs on the router you need a managed switch to split them into non-VLAN ports for other devices.

Unless you enjoy setting VLANs on all nodes in your network. Fun for printers and other dumb embedded devices that just don't have that setting at all

Yes, but those limits depend on the underlying switch hardware and their drivers (the actual limits vary, but can be very limiting for some hardware).

I ran across another ebay item that might meet your requirements. See Lanner Electronics FW-7541C-E01/A | x86 Firewall | 6 PORT | 4GB RAM 30GB SSD listed for $70 each plus shipping with multiple available.

^^ this
SW302DA is such a nice device for 50 bucks.

That thing is also very outdated and borderline e-waste :wink:

Regarding the SW302DA

The post describes an issue with the intel C2000 chipset/platform, which has nothing to do with SW301DA/SW302DA, nor has it anything to do with the D525 based router RaylynnKnight posted.

I'd rather re-use e-waste for as long as possible, than spend my money on new, future, e-waste.


I apologize, Google listed it as a C2***-platform. If you want to buy old obsolete hardware sure, make little sense for longetivity, reliability and power efficiency though.