X86, network config for quad port nic

Hi! I´ve setup OpenWrt to run in an old dell system using a quad port nic. OpenWrt identifies the nic correctly and sets up eth0 to LAN, and eth1 to WAN.

I´d like to achieve the following but I don´t know how:

  • Move the WAN port to eth3 (the port at the far right) - I think I have this one covered actually..
  • Have OpenWrt accessable at, tied to eth0 (the way it is right now)
  • Make eth1 availble in the same network as eth0 so I can connect a second computer directly using a LAN cable. So I don´t want to assign any IP to this port, but rather enable my second computer to get an IP using DHCP over this route.


In the GUI, Edit the network, go to physical settings tab. By default the lan network is a bridge, so you can have more than one physical port attached to it.

In the CLI this is option ifname in /etc/config/network. For example option ifname 'eth0 eth1'. Note that multiple interfaces are separated by spaces and must be in quotes.

Thanks! Learning about new tabs in the OpenWrt GUI for each new day! :slight_smile:

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