X86 N3160 OpenWRT 23.05.0 Reboot Issue, Not Present in 22.03.5

I'm facing a reboot issue with my J3160 device after installing OpenWRT using the openwrt-23.05.0-x86-64-generic-ext4-combined-efi.img via physdiskwrite. The installation was smooth, but when I issue a "reboot" command, the system gets stuck in a continuous reboot loop and doesn't boot. I can only access the system by performing a cold start after disconnecting the power.

What's worth noting is that this issue is specific to OpenWRT version 23.05.0; it does not occur with version 22.03.5.

I've recorded a video of the problem since there are no error messages displayed. Has anyone encountered a similar issue with OpenWRT 23.05.0 x86-64, or can anyone provide guidance on resolving it?

record file: