X86 EFI builds for non EFI computers?

One of the goal for the incoming 21.02 is EFI boot on x86 PC. While this is obvious for x64 computers, I have noticed that the generic and legacy x86 versions also have EFI builds. The targeted computers are from pre-EFI era, and so don't provide any EFI ability. So why is there EFI versions for these builds ? Are they some kind of automatic builds by the scripting build engine ?

they are separate recipe's... there should also be a non-efi image there too... ( the efi one is a bonus for any hw manufacturers who were early adopters )

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All motherboards with EFI, even the earliest ones, bear an x64 CPU : they are able to run the x64 build. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all motherboards bearing 32bits only CPU don't have any EFI ability. How could they run an EFI build? Can you gave me an example of such hardware?

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can you give me an example of where symantics impedes function when a perfeclty valid alternative exists?

( edit: i'm trying to be pragmatic here... while technically you do have a point... and not generating EFI for 32bit cpu types will likely save a little storage space and compile time... in the larger scheme of things... having them there is of no other detriment other than perhaps some small confusion to the less knowledgeable on this topic )


I have made some research and found that there are 32bit only UEFI computers. I switched to 64 OSes a long time ago (2008 ?), so I have never met such case. Hence a 32bit generic build with EFI support maybe relevant in some case. My bad.

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