I am building a custom image for x86-64. The hardware has a large SSD. What is a sane value to chose for CONFIG_TARGET_KERNEL_PARTSIZE? I ask knowing that my data partition which I made after installing OpenWRT, could be at risk of getting deleted on an upgrade if I change this value in the future (see this thread).

I currently am using:


since the KERNEL partition only contails the kernel, 32MB should be just fine.
if you use some kind of multi release boot for openwrt, the default size (16MB ?) can fit two
or three kernel files, then you're out of space.

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Keep in mind that each sysupgrade will write out the entire rootfs (-size), so while you probably do want to retain a healthy margin if free space for the future, you don't really want to waste too much either (SSDs are fast, USB sticks, eMMC, sdhc, compact flash, etc. may take ages to write it out; writing the useless padding is also unnecessary flash wear). ~500 MB sounds sane, use the rest for static data partitions.

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