X86, adding wireless after booting openwrt

my task is to openwrt configure as AP. Target system x86
imgae is flashed into the usb drive.and after this booting process
i am not sure what steps i need to follow
i follow this
1.uci show wireless –- you get config of wireless interface
2.uci set wireless.radioN.disabled='0' -- to enable all the said radio(s)
3.uci commit wireless – commit changes
4.wifi reload – reload wifi interfac
is it correct?

you need to install the wireless drivers 1st, and additional packages, like hostapd, etc ...

using opkg?

opkg update
opkg list | grep wireless
is it correct?

if you don't have webUI, yes.

there's a sh-t load of "wireless" you need to know your hw (or install them all).

after this what i have to do?

follow the wireless guide in the wiki, you received in your old thread.

but it'll be a lot easier, if you use the webUI.

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ok i will follow wireless guide.

typing iwconifg does not show any wireless device
then can i write like this....
config wifi-device 'radio0'
option type 'mac80211'
options type '11g'
options type 'HT20'
is it correct ????

are you sure your radio's even detected, on OS level ?

i am not sure..
is there any solution????

it's called finding out ...

look though the log (dmesg), or try lspci.


Forget about iwconfig, that's obsolete and shouldn't be used anymore (and won't work at all with 802.11be).

The tools to look for are iw, iwinfo, lspci -knn, lsusband dmesg.


radio0 is not detected..
what an solution..is it i need install appropriate driver packages for wireless adopter...?

if there's no radio driver installed, there's no radio ?

tricky logic, innit ?

What type of a wifi card is this? If you don't know, can you:

opkg install pciutils
opkg install usbutils

and then post the output of: lscpi and lsusb?

i trying to install
but getting --->unknown package "usbutils"
collected error:
*opkg_intstall_cmd:cannot install package pciutils..

run opkg update 1st ?

it's all in the openwrt link you got in your old thread.

i tried to opkg update check your network setting and connectivity showing......
whats an issue i dont understanding why showing this.....?pls guide...

I guess you need to "check your network settings", and make sure your device have internet access ?

i checked the network setting using ifonfig....
showing 1.br-lan 2.eth0 3.lo