X86_64 v22.0.3.3 pre-built image vs imagebuilder

When I build x86_64 images with imagebuilder, the images come with fewer packages than if I download the pre-built image. My custom images only have some added packages(intel-microcode, ethernet, and wifi drivers, wpad, etc).

I am specifically looking to build a generic-squashfs-combined-efi image so I can use the upgrade function. Should "make image" without any other syntax, produce the same images are available for download? This is what I expected, since I don't have this happen on the router images I usually build.

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This article can help you!

If you run make info inside the IB directory it should print out which packages are included in the default build and available profile (generic).

I don't know the x86 IB very well, but my understanding was that the pre-built image has the same packages as default+generic profile in IB.

Which packages are you missing in the IB-generated image vs downloaded image? Are you sure you haven't manually excluded some packages when building an image?

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Yes I am familiar with the imagebuilder docs. I got to know them when building images for my router, which I still do after every release.

Stangri: No, the pre-built images are not coming up as the same for some reason. Most of what is missing is Luci related. I am not sure why.

I want to install a few extra packages. Since I am already using PACKAGES="pkg1 pkg2" in the build process, I decided it would be easier to just list everything that is missing rather than dig into this further. Thanks for the replies.

This one is easy.
ps:make image PACKAGES="luci"

Yeah, from the command I posted you can see that luci is not included in the default x86 images built with IB:

$ make info
Current Target: "x86/64"
Current Architecture: "x86_64"
Current Revision: "r20028-43d71ad93e"
Default Packages: base-files ca-bundle dropbear fstools libc libgcc libustream-wolfssl logd mtd netifd opkg uci uclient-fetch urandom-seed urngd busybox procd procd-ujail procd-seccomp partx-utils mkf2fs e2fsprogs kmod-button-hotplug dnsmasq firewall4 nftables kmod-nft-offload odhcp6c odhcpd-ipv6only ppp ppp-mod-pppoe
Available Profiles:

    Generic x86/64
    Packages: kmod-amazon-ena kmod-amd-xgbe kmod-bnx2 kmod-e1000e kmod-e1000 kmod-forcedeth kmod-fs-vfat kmod-igb kmod-igc kmod-ixgbe kmod-r8169 kmod-tg3
    hasImageMetadata: 0

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