X86-64 reset everything to defaults via console login?


Is there way to reset EVERYTHING to default via console login on an x86-64 device?
I am running ext4 and extended root partition, BTW...

Maybe this?


The normal reset methods won't work because the ext4 type installations don't have a ROM partition. The ROM partition would contain the stock files and configuration (or in some cases, the scripts that are run on firstboot to generate some of the config files). With no ROM, there's nothing to fall back to.

The only way to truly reset everything is to rewrite the storage with a fresh image.

If you use a squashfs type installation, you can use the typical firstboot -y && reboot method to reset to defaults.


Run a sysupgrade -n to reflash the same version firmware.

The root partition will be restored to be only the default set of files. I don't know if it will keep the custom partition size.


I believe it doesn't.

Thanks for all the replies, I can simply reload, no big deal, as I am just tinkering right now...

Good to hear.

If you want to be able to us the standard reset-to-defaults (firstboot) command, squashfs is the best method to do that. But it is quite a bit more limiting than using ext4 when you're on x86 type systems.