X86_64 reproducible builds

Hi there,
Can we add X86_64 into reproducible builds? The X86 in this page seems like 32 bit i386 architecture.

ask the people who run the page ?

I think this page was run by OpenWRT developers?

you might be right, I've never heard of the page before ...
nor have I seen it mentioned in any recent post.

Hope any developer can answer my question. Anyway, thank you.

This site builds a lot of OS's, It's a security thing nothing to do with openwrt I did not find a about page but I did find a page detailing all the OS's they build.


I think OpenWRT(we) is a member of this project and we choose to use their infrastructure to build our OS or our infrastructure is a part of the project. So I think OpenWRT developers manage this page.
I think this project is good because it makes sure your source code compiled binary is reproducible, other people will get the same binary if they use the same compile arguments. This could reduce the security risk like xGhost.
My problem was I don't see OpenWRT x86_64 architecture on this page and I want to see if it is not reproducible or we have not even test right now.