X86 64-bit - What packages / kmods to install?

Dear OpenWRT community,

Due to

  • performance advantages (eg OpenVPN) I've migrated my i7-3770, 4GB PC from pfSense to OpenWRT (I still have the SSD with pfSense installed, just in case).
  • and as I'm using OpenWRT for my dumb AP's and Linux for my server.
    Ok, I haven't tested if OpenVPN runs faster...

However, what packages / kmod's would you recommend me to install ?
So far, I've installed

  • OpenWRT 19.07.1, the 64-bit squashfs version
  • irqbalance (enabled)
  • nano
  • iperf3
  • ddns stuff
  • openvpn stuff (for servers and clients)
  • DoT with stubby dnsmasq
  • adblock
  • lm-sensors

Should or can I install some intel-microcode or something for AES-NI acceleration (how to check), what else and why ?

Thanks a lot in advance, looking forward to your recommendations and learn more and enjoy even more OpenWRT !

cheers Blinton.

You definitely should install the intel microcode package, with all the exploits floating around for older Intel processors.

For AES-NI/hardware acceleration for encryption etc you might want to look here. That should point you in the right direction.