[X-POST] A kernel-space NTFS driver based on libntfs-3g

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The performance is 2x faster than user-space NTFS-3G driver, as he says.

The author himself has stated that this is based on libntfs-3g (which is licensed under GPL2+)
Unfortunately, because of his selfishness and arrogance, the source code is unavailable. After some debate about the license and the obligation to provide the code, he seemed to get annoyed, and then removed the driver binaries.

The binaries are uploaded to my GitHub fork, kernel 4.14 required.

To use it, simply upload qntfs.ko to /lib/modules/<kernel version>/ and insmod qntfs. For autoload, run echo qntfs > /etc/modules-boot.d/30-fs-qntfs

Closed source Chinese binary for reading/writing data?
No thanks. tin foil hat

Just like the breed bootloader, which more than likely borrows heavily from uboot source.

Also funny is that the right.com.cn forum seems to be blocking US ip ranges. A Chinese and even Canadian vpn allows me to connect.