WWAN to ETH bridge / IP passthrough?

I have an LTE modem connected (thanks to this forum) with QMI protocol on a NanoPi R2S having two eth ports.

Would it be possible to bridge wwan0 and eth0 to pass the public IP address received from the ISP to a PC connected to the eth0? I can access the router with another PC through eth1.

I am not sure if it will work, but give it a try.
For NCM protocol I am was able to bridge the wwan with an ethernet port and the interface got settings from dhcp. In your case you can leave the interface with unmanaged protocol and let the device connected on the ethernet port negotiate with dhcp.

Hi ! did you succeeded ? I consider to do same (with a USB LTE modem and a gl.inet small router)

I am also interested in this. Is this possible with QMI and if so how?