[WTD][UK] TL-WDR4900 router

Wanted, one TP Link TL-WDR4900 (for OpenWRT testing purposes).

Ebay's not had one for months, I'm getting desperate.. If any kind folks on here have a spare unit kicking about they'd be prepared to send, a contribution to their electric bills is offered ! Send PM.

Cheers, Andy

PS. I trust this is within forum rules, apologies if not.

more or less.

What's special about the WDR4900?

Well, its special to me :slight_smile: Because my 1gig broadband connection comes through one. On 19.07 TL-WDR4900 is totally solid and trustworthy, for my config. The hardware specs meet my requirements and the CPU is quite grunty so I see good performance. So I don't really want to change it. I would prefer to set up a parallel router for testing new releases, using non-critical client systems, before switching over.