Wsdd2 not loading or stopping on AP v21 & master

But as @Lucky1 has written this change will advertise the shares over the WAN interface.

these days on a router i just change it from LAN to the ipv4 address of my lan
so it wont work on ipv6 but ipv4 is enough
there is another pull request to try that I have not tested yet

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I've just used the instructions from the first link to compile the wsdd2 package (wsdd2_2022-04-25-e37443ac-3_aarch64_cortex-a53.ipk) with the new patch and installed it on the router.
Let it settle for a while and see how it goes.

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I compiled it myself
at lest running it in the console it all seems to work well
after multiple interface restarts on ipv6 Wan
seems to track & not crash

/usr/bin/wsdd2 -i br-lan -N OPENWRT -G WORKGROUP -W
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It was working for several hours till the Windows 11 went to sleep. Unfortunately upon waking up there are no ksmbd shares in Windows 11->File Explorer->Network.
I've restarted wsdd2 and will try to watch when exactly it disappears from File Explorer but most probably the reason is wsdd2 itself, not the sleeping state of Windows.

so far for 4 hours so good
1 router & 3 access points & short testing of a few others
my manual prodding & refreshing of leases has not broken it
I did have problems with my 2 Ramips ones didn't work but well
that was found to be user error as I did change the line of code
but it did remind me of what the default was like
and /usr/bin/wsdd2 -i br-lan -N OPENWRT -G WORKGROUP -W
didn't show any errors so bits where fixed for v23
anyway 4 hours still going good
will need to wait for days for ISP's leases to expire and refresh through the system now

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my compile for V23.05.0 should work on your R7800's "ipq806x/generic"
and for "ramips/MT7621"

Thanks, I may try it on R7800 if I have a suitable chance.
My package is for my home QNAP QHora-301W (ipq807x).
I've just turned on my Win 11 Laptop and what I see is that I cannot see any shares from the router (wsdd2) but I see all other network shares from a Win 11 Desktop PC. At the same time router USB shares are available in Network of the Win 11 Desktop PC. Really weird.

refresh they will vanish & then repopulate if it's working
I'm sure there running but the windows services need to be running
"functional discovery provider host" &
"functional discovery resource publication"

windows turns off network discovery on network changes some times

Both look good but no router shares are found automatically.

I can access the shares if I put the path \\QNAP\qnap-usb1\ in address bar but they are not automatically discovered by the Win 11 Laptop.
For now I'll leave it that way just to see if the shares will disappear completely on all PCs or they will appear on the Laptop too.
If they disappear I'll just have to restart wsdd2 and see what will happen then.

it's just no working for you it's failed

still working here all still going fine
Uptime 1d 4h 9m 50s

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For me it simply disappeared for the entire network after several hours.

still working days later so works for me :slight_smile:

I cannot download ipk package from the above link for R7800. Wanna try it on one router. Would you check the links.

the link all work locally
also tested external
maybe a browser security thing
openwrt can gt it itself tho

if you have V23.05.0 installed
in system>software click Actions > "Update lists"
remove current Wsdd2 in the installed tab
then paste this link
into the "Download and install package:" box and click "Go"

I only get this

--2023-11-05 15:36:11--
Resolving ( failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’

Can you upload to or other hosting service.

Below direct link is OK. Thanks.

as you have a DNS lookup fault try with the direct IP

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how did it all go ?
all still working good here :slight_smile:
just hope that pull request all works for a few other people
and gets enough attention to passes through

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I've installed it on R7800 too, but it's not in my home and I'll try to get the information several days later what's going on.

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