WS7915AX - where to find OpenWRT image

Hi, I believe this router is supported by OpenWRT but I can't find the image. I don't find anything in the hardware database and there is an old topic that doesn't seem to have any answers. Does anyone have any pointers please?


I believe it's supportable.

The status of the support is probably the same, as the status of the thread.

Hi, I know it's supported because I am using one that has ROOter firmware on it - and routers only get ROOter firmware if an OpenWRT firmware has been developed! But I can't locate the original OpenWRT image...


If I remember correctly, it's a MT7621 device, and there are no files for it in, so I would say it's not supported.

No it is not (yet) supported. That's why it's not in the hardware database and there's no image.
This seams to be latest comment.

Interesting. I know it has ROOter on it, because I have one here! I have also posted on the ROOter forum to try to find out how it got the ROOter firmware. Thanks.

There might be an open commit for it, that got picked up by r00ter, but I haven't checked.

The only other comment I would make is that I think it's similar to the WS1208 and there is an OpenWRT image for the WS1208...

WS7915AX - MT7621/ Dual-core/880Mhz MT7915DN MT7905DN(CPU+AX+5.8G/2.4G)

WS1208 - MT7621A+MT7612E+MT7603E 880MHz dual-core MIPS1004Kc CPU

Similar doesn't cut it, unless you're booting an initramfs for device exploration.