WS7915AX Support

Hello to all. Can you please advise if there is support for this router?{"sku_id"%3A"12000027693702134"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!471.5!330.05!!!!!%40210318d116599899318606006e5c09!12000027693702134!sea&curPageLogUid=nX1H32LXYF2m

and where I can download the image (if there is one)?

Did you already check

Yes. I do not see the manufacturer listed. Although the manufacturer claims it is capable of OpenWRT.

…and the former doesn't answer your question?

Simply checking to see if the device would be supported or if there was an image I could use. Yes, I saw that the manufacturer isn't listed.

You do realize that the ToH is supposed to list supported devices and doesn't (isn't supposed to-) list unsupported ones? So what would you infer from the fact that your device isn't listed there?

Thank you for being so polite.

I think you forgot the /sarcasm tags...

God forbit you ask a question here. NVM guys. Thanks for your help.

Just a remark, pretty much all routers use openwrt, this also included devices not supported by "real" openwrt.

The question in itself is valid, there are many similar requests. E.g. . However the implied assumption that it’ll be made available for download (not mentioning that you’ve actually taken a look at the TOH and determined it’s not there, together with lack of any own technical assessment ) may give others the impression of complacency (or at least not being mindful that the request takes time away that could have been used to answer other questions)

Don’t be turned off, the forum is generally very helpful

Can anyone please assist to advise how to obtain the boot log from this device?