WS7915 Support

Good day to all. Is there any plans for support for this device?{"sku_id"%3A"12000027693702134"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!471.5!330.05!!!!!%40210318d116599899318606006e5c09!12000027693702134!sea&curPageLogUid=nX1H32LXYF2m

The manufacturer claims it is capable of running OpenWrt. I look forward to your reply.

The search engine is a cool feature, where you would have found your old thread.

Nothing we said in it contradicts the sellers/manufacturers statement.

If you want it supported, open it up, locate the serial console, post the boot log, and check if uboot's interruptable.

Then you can start adding the actual device.

Thanks for the reply. This router came with ROOTER already loaded. From the web console I can see the "system" & "Kennel". logs. Would that suffice?

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Good morning. How can I collect the boot logs? I look forward to your reply.