WS1698 (Possibility OpenWrt)

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I appreciate the cooperation and support . one of my friends has WS1698 Router . Where he was trying to utilize the OpenWrt system but couldn't find any firmware for it on OpenWrt list supported devices

So is there any chance to get someone has his own build Openwrt image for this router WS1698 to be installed on his router .... Developed image for this router

Brand Name : HUASIFEI - WS1698
Product Link with specs :

Brand Name Router details
5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate 2167Mbps
Chipset MT7981B+MT7976CN+MT7531AE
RAM DDR3 memory 512MB
Flash SPI NAND FLASH 128MB(16GB EMMC optional)

WS1698 Hardware Specifications

MT7981B+MT7976CN+MT7531AE Dual Core 1.2GHZ

DDR3 memory 512MB

SPI NAND FLASH 128MB (16GB EMMC optional)

WIFI Chip: MT7976CN IEEE 802.11n/g/b/a/ac/ax,Max. 3000Mbps

Only We found this firmware available

it's supported by Goldenorb.


Dear Sir @frollic
Thank you for fast respond ..
Already he tried this system but unfortunately doesn't support PCIe ... as per Mr. Dairyman (ROOter Developer)

So I want to try to support my friend by getting OpenWrt system for his router by anyone has image built it for this system ...

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is there a better way explaining with steps ..

These guides are not clear for beginners like me ... which app which files we should use to get supported firmware


Porting OpenWrt to a new device isn't a beginner's task (it could be, but would involve a very steep learning curve), it needs hands on development. Reading those links would be the easiest part of it, failing that just means it's not going to happen.


is there chance to find someone , he built on WS1698 based on OpenWrt ?
if yes...... should I search on Github to find firmware or what ?