WRX36 supported USB Stick Thumb Drive Memory for recovery boot

I have a DL-WRX36 which is currently not working. It won't boot from USB.
Can you please post with which USB stick you have been succesfully being able to restore your device?
Links to amazon, ebay, ... are appreciated.

The smaller and older, the better.

I can not order all small USB drives till I have one that fits.
Do you have a link of one that guaranteed worK?
That's what I am after, not some general replies to get lucky or not.
Any links to one that works?

They're old as f-k, freebies from some booth on a trade show, or similar.

Looks like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W54X2F3/.

thank you, and they work guaranteed, have you or someone else tested them?

no idea, that why it said "looks like", and not I used this .

but it's USB2 and < 2GB., so it checks all my boxes.

OK I'll give it a shot and let you know. what's your credit card number please?
I will reimburse you a 100% if it's any good.
Promise :angel:

just to push this up again.
has anyone here ordered a USB stick and successfully booted it as a recovery method?
which stick on ebay, amazon, aliwhatever or other side was that please?
I am looking for a USB thumb-drive that works and not just possibly works.