Wrtbwmon shows unknown client

hi, i have installed luci-app-wrtbwmon. everything is okay but it shows a client named
all 0, and its mac address is zero, but there is no client connected like this. this client does not appear in dhcp list. whats wrong here?
Also the second last is my routers mac address. does it show here because my router also send/receive data to internet? plz experts help me.

Yes, your router's address is in there because it's sending and receiving data - probably the DNS lookups by dnsmasq at the very least, plus whatever other services you have running there

All zeros is probably your router doing arp requests upstream.

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thank you very much

  • luci-app-wrtbwmon
    Is this old and unsupported?

I see tha following available:

luci-app-nlbwmon	24.081.35633~10e3c44	11.79 KiB	Netlink based bandwidth accounting	
nlbwmon	2024.02.21~c7616bcf-r1	21.51 KiB	OpenWrt Traffic Usage Monitor	

Not an official OpenWrt package.

But there is a wiki