WRT610N v1 as a wireless repeater?

I just installed OpenWrt (19.07.4) on my really old Cisco/Linksys WRT610N v1 today. I'm trying to set it up as a wireless repeater. I'm not sure if it's possible with this hardware although I'm pretty sure it has two radios in it (not sure if that's a requirement).

I tried to follow the instructions I found here, but some of the pictures/settings in the guide don't match up with what I'm seeing on my screen in Luci. The biggest issue (I think) is that I don't see the option for "Relay bridge" listed under protocols when trying to setup the network interface.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

https://openwrt.org/meta/infobox/broadcom_wifi is an issue on this device, I'd look for better supported hardware.

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