Wrt32x Wifi troubles

Hello community,

New adopter of a wrt32x and not a specialist in Wifi configuration.
Some days of testing but if some one can help...
My first problem was to activate more vlans on ethernet switch. Solved :smile: only manual update of files works to add vlans. Luci web interface doesn't work : {Network/Switch/Add button} doesn't provide a new line.

Then Wifi : Don't really understand why i have 3 devices: 802.11nac, 802.11bgn, 802.11bgnac.
I tried different configurations but i cannot find optimum one.

How mimo is working in this config?
Should i activate the 3 devices? only 1? 1 for 5ghz, 1 for 2ghz, 1 with both to support old and new clients?
When 2 devices bandwidth divide by 100 when load testing.
Any tips ?

Thanks in advance.

On the "third" radio, see the many discussions listed by https://forum.openwrt.org/search?q=radio2

While I don't have that device or one similar, my understanding is that the third radio is useful for scanning/monitoring without interrupting connections, but not for any meaningful traffic.