WRT32X - what did I do wrong

Ok so I class myself as a veteran at flashing lol Normally Kodi onto NAND onto Android boxes.

So when I received my WRT32x I thought lets do it.

So I went through the excellent instructions and successfully installed OpenWRT. Had a play then decided to revert back to the Linksys stock for a little while. And hands up I couldnt have read the instructions correctly. I used the OpenWRT web UI and flashed the device using the firmware from the Linksys web site. Bricked!

Will sort it out (well I have a 2nd WRT32x - long story) but as I see it I should have run sysupgrade via the command line. Is that correct? And NOT via the OpenWRT GUI

Is LuCI installed with the stock OpenWRT or is it on their by default.

I am also assuming the WRT32x has a base OpenWRT firmware on it as well given the prompt I see when I log on. Is this a cut down version bastardised with Linksys front end GUI or is it a full blown version of OpenWRT. And if so can you change from Linksys GUI to OpenWRT without an install?


In stable releases it is included. In snapshots it is not, you may install it from package manager.

Not sure about that.
However since the device has dual flash, it is easy to fix the bricked partition. Actually you didn't need to flash the Linksys firmware, you could change the booting partition.

Thanks trendy

So are you saying that the the 'other' booting partition has a OpenWRT GUI version of OpenWRT on it?

And if it was 'bricked' would the ip address revert back to (I had changed it to 0.1 and had my laptops with a fixed 0.x address, which would make sense as to why it would connect using Putty. HOW STUPID OF ME, NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!)

Not by default.
From the same page:

If booting from the primary partition, the secondary (or alternate ) partition will be flashed on next sysupgrade. The reverse logic is also true. See the Flash Layout section for more details.

Then you can boot the secondary image and repair the primary.

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