WRT32X update to 21.02.0 warning

I am running OpenWRT firmware on my Linksys WRT32X routeur (bought in China).
I'd successfully installed version 18 than upgraded to 19 without issue, but now I get the following warning:


Image link:


Is it normal? Can I force update? or there is compatibility issue?
I am total newbie, sorry...

PS: here is my running firmware (OpenWrt 19.07.8 r11364-ef56c85848):
BTW, I am not sure my WRT32X is venom version... and don't know how to check.


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Thank you very much for your advice, I will see how to do "not to keep settings".

Uncheck this checkbox:

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Excellent, thank you!! :pray:

My I ask:
My WRT32X has very bad wifi performances when I am a bit fare (12 meters) from the routeur... I have to go near the routeur to have a decent wifi connection on my iPhone.
Can I expect better performance with this new OpenWRT release?
I also had bad performance with the original Linksys firmware, the wifi speed was dropping very quickly once I was a bit far from the routeur...