Wrt32x / snapshot sysupgrade - config not saved

the sysupgrade script is identical on 22.03.2 and recent snapshots - so that's not the issue.
the issue in my original post is unresolvable for me across all snapshots for weeks now.
can anyone confirm that a wrt32x can retain config through sysupgrade on recent snapshots that have mbedtls as crypto library?

The fix for ipq40xx in the issue that @hnyman mentioned earlier worked for me. I have a WRT32X and my config wasn't being saved on Snapshot builds. I modified /lib/upgrade/linksys.sh as shown in: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/11692/commits/6eb3602e64b3fc34bac13ad0c9336a7613ed13b5

My config was saved on the upgrade. There seems to be some issues with missing packages on the current Snapshot builds, but my configuration was saved at least.

Edit: Snapshots seem to be fixed. I just updated and my configuration was saved they way it used to be.

@trinidude4 -
thank you for this insight.
for me, r22295 does not save config.
does your mtd map include a syscfg partition?

My mtd map does not have syscfg.

Just to clarify something. r22295 did not save my configuration until I modified linksys.sh before updating.

ah - now i get it. thanks!