WRT32X revert to Factory Firmware

I have installed OpenWRT on both partitions. When I try to install WRT32X factory firmware, it reboots and then turns on and never connects to the internet (internet light on the router is orange and stays that way.) I used the command sysupgrade -F -n /tmp/imagename. This is the one I have seen on multiple posts. My actions were:
1: WinSCP into the router and put wrt32x factory firmware in /tmp
2: use sysupgrade -F -n /tmp/imagename to install the firmware
3: Router automatically reboots
4: Ethernet, Power, and Internet lights are on, but the Internet light stays orange and never turns blue.
I try to go into the router interface and it has "LuCI Configuration Interface" at the top of the page. It attempts to go into the OpenWRT interface, but can't. This is because the Linksys firmware was installed, but I cannot go into the factory firmware interface. It later says connection error or something of the likes. I am not in the position to attempt to reinstall the factory firmware, as I have managed to reinstall OpenWRT and the network is being used right now, so I don't want to disrupt the signal.

Since the factory firmware also uses, you need to clear the browser cache so your browser doesn't try to redirect through the Luci system.

I think with the factory firmware the "Internet" light stays orange until the WAN is properly configured and connected and able to ping a test server.

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Hi I am not trying to stop you, but why would you want to go back to stock anyway?

TYSM! I think this will work, it sounds reasonable.

The prioritization engine fixes my ping issues better than sqm, and for some strange reason with sqm enabled my ping still spikes.

I also saw a solution that was something like this, but now that I've seen it twice I think it will work.

It worked!

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