WRT32X max 144mbps bitrate - using only 20mhz width - using davidc502 build

I just got this router after using ASUS RT-AC66U for the last couple of years.
I can't get the router to transmit more than 144mbps using 2.4ghz network, it uses only 20mhz width
although 40mhz selected in settings.
Never had such problem before, got 300mbps on 2.4ghz using the ASUS router.
Hope it's not a defective router.
Thanks for reading.

That's the correct behavior. Your router shouldn't use 40 MHz unless there are absolutely no interferences from other devices. If your Asus did enforce 40 MHz before it could have slowed down your wifi, actually.

5 GHz is fine with 40 or even 80 MHz channels (with 802.11ac).

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I want to override this,
Is it possible?

option noscan '1'

Will try, Thanks for the help!

You can, but AFAIK per 802.11n spec it's forbidden to do so.