WRT32X fix for the Kernel size in the works?

Has OpenWrt support for the Linksys WRT32X reached it’s end? Or is a fix for the Kernel size in the works?

Is there any specific issue regarding this device?

It's a WIP, with some periphery ongoings.

For the most part my current build runs very well. I’m on a swconfig build (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r13046-df27e949fb / LuCI Master git-20.111.65731-398b198).
At some point I plan on flashing the alternate partition back to stock and then use David's last stable build (May 24 I believe).

However, I always used to use the latest SNAPSHOT Builds which haven’t been available for some time now. From what I understand it’s a Kernel size issue, but my Linux skills are definitely beginners level.

Thank you for the quick reply!

You can still build via the SDK, it is just that the bots churn things out somewhat differently than what an individual will do in their own config. If it helps at all there are wrtpac images to be found off the link on my avatar; but they is what they is, just what I run.

I just finished building a HEDT (High-End Desktop) and once I have it configured, I plan on trying to building an image with Windows Subsystem for Linux v.2 (WSL2).

I really wish I had spent the last 20 years on Linux instead of just Windows & Mac. Trying to catch up has proven to be very difficult!

You are not gonna like the performance of that thing :wink:

Can you explain to me in 'Linux Dummy' terms as to why a build from WSL2 wouldn’t work well?
Thank you in advance.

The IO performance will be very slow. You are better off building a VBox VM with Ubuntu 18.04 running in it. All instructions about OpenWrt you will ever find will assume you are using a Linux env, either native or virtualized.

Do you think the Snapshot builds for the WRT32X will resume in the not to distant future?

Wsl2 should work quite ok for the build.
(It is a different beast than wsl1)

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It is kind of stalled at the moment, bit of a chicken and egg issue getting things created as installable kmods. You can hit the subscribe button in the PR I linked above to get an email should anything occur in the PR. Your best bet is probably to build off of master if you want a current image.

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