WRT32X -> AP - ORBI(RBR50) : WiFi Device Grouping Possible?

To give an introduction, I had ORBI(RBR50) facing home internet. I also had refurbished WRT32X lying around for a few years, which I didn't have much luck by flashing with DD-WRT. I always wanted to have some firewall protecting my home network, recently when I had some time, I flashed WRT32X with OpenWRT 22.03.2 and it has been great so far with WRT32X facing home internet and ORBI as a dumb AP with its own SSID. All of the devices are attached to ORBI at this time, so far so good.

Now, I wanted to go one step further and start grouping devices - IOT, Servers, Computers etc. I tried following OneMarkFifty's videos and they've been very helpful. I am currently stuck at creating VLANS as it seems WRT32X doesn't support switches and VLANS but I could make use of VLAN filtering in order to achieve the same. However the real issue is that how can I segregate devices which are connected to ORBI's WiFi as it doesn't support creating multiple WiFi SSIDs? I could use WRT32X's WiFi but that defeats the purpose of having fabulous ORBI system to cover my entire house with highly available and reliable connectivity!

Thanks in advance!!

Since the orbi is not running openwrt and doesn’t support multiple ssids, the answer there is no, you won’t be able to do what you’re after. You need an ap that can support VLANs (most that can run openwrt will be able to do this, many others such as enterprise offerings can,too)


So I guess I have to rely on routing based rules. Any other way possible here? I don't want to invest in anything new at this time.