WRT3200ACM: upgrade from 18.06.2 to 22.03.2

I have an WRT3200ACM with OWRT installed:

 cat /etc/openwrt_release
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION='OpenWrt 18.06.2 r7676-cddd7b4c77'

Looking for guidance how to upgrade to 22.03.2, since wiki indicates Sysupgrade doesn't supports single, or even multi-stpe before 19.07.

You should upgrade to 23.05.0-rc2
22.03.x is faulty for mvebu routers

Config has changed so much that you can't keep or restore config.
You need to reconfigure from scratch.

I am trying to remember if wrt3200acm has seen a partition change since 2018 (due to kernel size), but probably not. That would require "factory" image. But it might be safest in any case.

I think that you should use the OpenWrt "factory" image instead of the sysupgrade image, and flash that via sysupgrade. Use the "force" flag in LuCI or ssh console. (The image will fail the metadata check, as it is not a normal sysupgrade image. But Linksys mvebu images are luckily so straightforward that the OEM id header is at the end of the image, so the image starts with the contents)


This device has moved from swconfig to DSA, you have to ditch your configuration, and start from scratch.

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WRT1900AC V1 (Mamba) and WRT32X (Venom) are the only two of the series that had their kernel size bumped to 6MB. The other models in the series by default were set at 6MB.

@adamsusa make sure to take a backup for reference. For the most part, the majority of your current configs should migrate fine. (Do not restore system, network).

Your biggest hurdle will be the change to DSA if you have Vlans configured.

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and dhcp (due to resolvfile=/tmp/resolv.conf.d/resolv.conf.auto ) and other config files for similar small reasons...

Coming from 18.06 is so long ago, that there are several similar small changes, which would be handled by an uci-defaults migration script in a normal one major version bump, but will not work if old config files are later restored from old backup (after the uci-defaults has already ran in the first boot after the version upgrade).

Network, system and wireless have all seen substantial changes, but there are also others

You are indeed correct. I lost sight of the swap from 18.06 to 23.05.0-rc02. Mea culpa.

I am also on 19.10 and will be upgrading to 23.05 once it is released, but this time I am only using it as a router only because I got a EAP615-wall for wifi now.

@hnyman - If I understand this correctly, seems pretty straight forward.

  1. download OpentWRT 23.05.0-rc2 "factory" image (vs sysupgrade image)
  2. flash via my active 18.06.2 image's sysugrade (LuCI or ssh) using the "force" flag.
  3. Address configuration after reboot.

Do I have that correct?

and the crucial thing in the step 2, actual flash, is to unselect the "keep settings".

You can't keep settings in sysupgrade , and you can't restore them from backup after the sysupgrade.

(you can manually mack a backup, and then after flash manually unpack the .tar.gz for another directory, so that you use the old config files as reference)

what is mvebu routers ?
there are routers with interfaces with wlans like 0.1 0.2 and usual eth0 eth1 etc which one ?

The Linksys WRT1900/1200/3200ACSX series

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