WRT3200ACM switch

Does the switch work on the WRT3200ACM?


If you mean "does it work at all", then yes it does.

If you mean "can you properly configure the switch with VLANs etc", then you will need a build including this commit:

It adds proper support to configure the switch (e.g. in LUCI you won't see the switch ports without it).

But the basic switching functionality is there even without it.

I'm running "LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r3522-157b787 / LuCI Master (git-17.048.25667-9726e26)" on my 3200ACM right now and can configure the switch via UCI / LUCI without any issues so far.

Switching performance is also just fine for Gbit ports.

Thanks kaloz :slight_smile:

Is the layout the same as the 1900?

Last change, they are all the same now.