WRT3200ACM PPPoE through VLAN on FTTH

Hi everyone,
I just installed the lede version lede-mvebu-linksys-wrt3200acm-squashfs-factory (levithanian II snapshot r2695-c9c68c7, kernel version 4.4.39), installation went well, I can log in both on Luci and ssh.
I was able to enable the wifi interfaces as well.
My struggle is configuring the wan connectivity to my ISP (Deutsche Telekom).
Before installing the open firmware I used VLAN 7 on the WAN interface and PPPoE was working fine.
I browsed the internet and forums for some helpful information but I was not able to make this work.
What I did was to configure VLANs on switch0, I added a new line with vlan id 7.
I configured CPU(eth0) as tagged and the WAN interface as tagged as well.
I configured the username and password for the ISP on the WAN.
Unfortunately connectivity is not working. As I'm not familiar with this OS I did not know where to look for logs to troubleshoot, if anyone has any idea please let me know.
Many thanks!

Do to this I think you will want a build post this. There are now some builds in place for RC of first LEDE-17.01 stable you could try.

hi, thanks, I was able to configure the pppoe connectivity.
however, the IPTV stream doesn't work properly and all my attempts to configure igmp_snooping and igmpproxy failed, I had to revert back to the telekom router :frowning:

How did you get your wifi to work? I installed lede and could not connect to wifi after setting it up. It showed that it was working but I could not connect to it.

After flashing the lede software you have to connect using cable and an ssh client(putty) then specofically enable the wifi radios in /etc/config/wireless file by removing pr commenting put the line "disabled"