WRT3200ACM - OpenWrt & Wireguard - locking me out of LAN access

OpenWrt 19.07.2 r10947-65030d81f3, WRT 3200 ACM

Yesterday I finally installed Wireguard and got it working very well to one peer (my phone). I added a second peer (wife's phone) and then I was locked out of the router. I lost all LAN & Wifi connectivity. I assumed it had completely locked up and then re-installed everything this morning. After today's discovery it hadn't completely crashed it had locked me out of any LAN access from in my house - NOT via Wireguard.

Today Wireguard won't pass DNS traffic to/from the peers, but yesterday it was.

That's not the major issue right now, the major issue is that if I change settings on the WG0 interface then save it, the router locks up / locks me out of ANY LAN/Wifi access which means I have to go via the internet and VPN to log in to fix and re-boot the WRT3200.

I can use my OpenVPN connection through the internet to log in and all is fine but the only way to bring back LAN access is to reboot the router.

Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this? Does anyone have any idea how to fix it or stop it?

Thanks all.

Not by guessing, we'll have to see the configuration.

One good idea is to follow the guide on the wiki, which is tested and works fine.

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An ancient firmware and Wireguard version?
You are using 19.07.2 from February 2020 and the corresponding Wireguard of that time.

How about sysupgrading to the current 19.07 release 19.07.7 from February 2021 (with the current Wireguard), and seeing if that already helps.

Thanks for the replies, I'll do both and report back,

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I've put WG on hold currently. I don't have time to play around, my openVPN is working fine. I'll re-visit in the future. When it does work though it was very fast!