WRT3200ACM issues with Warzone

So my Router was fine until one day, it just would not stay connected. I did some research and it brought me here. I installed the latest version of OpenWRT and WOW works great and super easy to set up. Unfortunately, Call of Duty now play funny, i will be running along and all of sudden the game starts to glitch, it only lasts a few 2 seconds or so but happens regularly, about every minute. I connected through my phone and glitch is gone. I installed UPNP but that did not fix the issue. Everything else seems to be great. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this hickup?

Is your PC connected to the router via WiFi? If so, use an ethernet cable instead.

To check the quality of your internet connection, run the DSLreports speed test. You can post the result here if you want to discuss it.

I restarted the router, that fixed it. This firmware is amazing!!!!


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