WRT3200ACM hardware crypto support?

Can anyone that's running LEDE on a WRT3200ACM comment on if hardware acceleration is supported for openssl? In particular I'd be curious what your /proc/crypto looks like and the output of "> openssl speed -evp aes-128-cbc"

In here follow the link in my July 13 post, with some relevant discussion.

Is the takeaway there that it's not? Doesn't look like you have and marvell_cesa entries in proc/crypto... Curious what the speed tests look like if you add -evp after the speed argument...

No. You should be able to see it loaded correctly:

root@bsaedgy:/# dmesg | grep -i cesa
[    1.314708] marvell-cesa f1090000.crypto: CESA device successfully registered

this is a mamba as my rango is otherwise engaged at the moment.

Things were moved in kernel around 2016-05-21.

Some older numbers, I think with your desired option, but not by me, so...

Ah OK, I see, I got LEDE installed and I concur it seems to be hardware accelerated. My assumption was that the accelerators would show in /dev/crypto under marvell_cesa.