WRT3200ACM Firmware Upgrade

First off, I would like to say thanks for the forum and info I have received from it.

My current setup is a WRT3200ACM with OpenWRT r10726. I was wondering where I could find the .IPK driver for this router and in what order do I need to upgrade. Do I need to upgrade the wifi driver then update the firmware via WEB console with the latest .BIN file? or vice versa? Also, is the latest firmware for the WRT3200ACM stable? Sorry for the simple questions; however, I can't afford to have the internet down for long because I am working from home, have a wife taking college classes online and child in virtual elementary school. I have just noticed here lately the router seems to hang up about once a day while we are all on it and I have to restart it. So, I would like to update to the best driver and firmware out there.

it's the other way, first flash a stable.bin, and than if you are not happy with the radios, you can use eduperez .ipk

Thanks for the clarification and info.

Currently running a WRT3200ACM with both radios in operation 5ghz for clients and 2.4ghz for WWAN Client as the internet backhaul.

Latest official build factory. No issues seen so far and running 24x7 multipe con calls and voip calls happening all day every day.


are you running factory so you have official linksys firmware on the other partition?

I guess the reason I responded was that the wifi drivers will be getting a hammering as this unit is using the 2,4Ghz radio as the backhaul link.

yeaah i cannot find a way after sysupgrade

Actually, I have OpenWRT on both partitions. Not sure how that happened.

Ok, thats good too hear. I will be updating this evening.