WRT3200ACM Failed Update

I recently tried to upgrade my WRT3200ACM to 21.02.1 from the last major version. I got the error telling me it couldn't verify the file, but gave me the option to force it if I was sure it was the correct file. It was the correct file, so I forced it.

If I had checked here more thoroughly, I would have known that I should have also checked the box telling it to abandon my configuration settings, but I hadn't, so I didn't. The router has now stopped functioning.

I am probably not the first person this has happened to. Does anybody have any advice on how I can salvage this router, which has served me well up to this point? I looked at several options on the wiki, but when I tried to SSH in, I was asked for a password, and my normal router password wasn't accepted.

I think this time I'd like to be very sure of what I ought to do before I do it. This is not a great time to go router shopping (although it does remind me that I should really keep a spare router and modem on hand when I'm working from home).

Toggle the power switch to go back to the partition from which you flashed; check the wiki

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