WRT3200acm: "adapter does not exist"

I own a WRT3200acm, and cannot make wifi work on this device with LEDE 17.01...

From stock configuration, I just activate both radios at /etc/config/wireless and reboot, but I cannot see any LEDE access point; according to the logs, both radios are being detected:
[ 8.363926] pci 0000:00:01.0: enabling device (0140 -> 0142)
[ 8.369667] ieee80211 phy0: priv->iobase0 = e0e80000
[ 8.369678] ieee80211 phy0: priv->iobase1 = e1100000
[ 8.369708] ieee80211 phy0: priv->pcmd_buf = ddce0000 priv->pphys_cmd_buf = 1dce0000
[ 8.376224] ieee80211 phy0: fw download start
[ 8.439589] ieee80211 phy0: FwSize = 207660 downloaded Size = 207660 curr_iteration 65522
[ 12.167239] ieee80211 phy0: fw download complete
[ 12.168155] ieee80211 phy0: pcmd = ddce0000
[ 12.185255] ieee80211 phy0: firmware version: 0x7080004
[ 12.493260] ieee80211 phy0: firmware region code: 10
[ 12.537053] ieee80211 phy0: 2G disabled, 5G enabled
[ 12.541972] ieee80211 phy0: 4 TX antennas, 4 RX antennas
[ 12.547377] pci 0000:00:02.0: enabling device (0140 -> 0142)
[ 12.553132] ieee80211 phy1: priv->iobase0 = e1280000
[ 12.553142] ieee80211 phy1: priv->iobase1 = e1500000
[ 12.553179] ieee80211 phy1: priv->pcmd_buf = ddaac000 priv->pphys_cmd_buf = 1daac000
[ 12.559562] ieee80211 phy1: fw download start
[ 12.626147] ieee80211 phy1: FwSize = 207660 downloaded Size = 207660 curr_iteration 65527
[ 14.011242] ieee80211 phy1: fw download complete
[ 14.012116] ieee80211 phy1: pcmd = ddaac000
[ 14.030153] ieee80211 phy1: firmware version: 0x7080004
[ 14.337248] ieee80211 phy1: firmware region code: 10
[ 14.381047] ieee80211 phy1: 2G enabled, 5G disabled
[ 14.385977] ieee80211 phy1: 4 TX antennas, 4 RX antennas

However, they seem to be inactive later:
[ 18.833428] ieee80211 phy0: adapter does not exist
[ 18.838237] ieee80211 phy0: adapter does not exist
[ 18.843049] ieee80211 phy0: failed execution
[ 18.871141] ieee80211 phy1: adapter does not exist
[ 18.875978] ieee80211 phy1: adapter does not exist
[ 18.880788] ieee80211 phy1: failed execution

Then, these lines repeat over and over again...

The 3200ACM has known problems (crashes, bad performance) with the current wifi driver / firmware, see

It is being worked by Marvell and a new driver / firmware might be released at the end of the month. No idea how long it will take to arrive in LEDE snapshots /stable.

I've read posts that wifi is (more?) stable with current LEDE snapshots using kernel 4.9 or newer. I am testing this myself right now. But it can sometimes take a couple of hours / days for the problems to show up.

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Yes, I had read about the instability and performance issues; but mine had stopped working completely, I could not even see the SSID, even after hard-rebooting the device, and I was fearing something different was happening here. Anyway, it seems to be working again today, at least I can see the default SSID; let's see how long it lasts... Many thanks for the info, I will be following that discussion!

I am using the build below on my wrt3200, I am having no issues.

Another thing to check:

Enabling the wireless LEDs (wifi on, wifi activity, ..) also used to break / crash wifi. No idea if that is still the case. But if you enabled the triggers it might be best to disable them again for now.

Well, I detected wifi stopped working when I enabled the LEDs... so that makes lots of sense; many thanks!

@mojolacerator: While I appreciate your intentions, I think it would be more useful to everybody if you posted a link to the source where you obtained that file, instead of a dropbox folder with the binaries.

click the word "stable".