Wrt3200acm 5.15 start

so I started some fascinating on a new thing (for me) to try to upgrade to 5.15...
the base - a 5.10 build .config mvebu ; GCC 11.2 musl

first ... made sure a generic 5.15 ... all done and compiled fine
second ... mvebu / wrt3200acm ... 5.15 patches folder empty.. all good until mwlwifi (what a surprise!)

had to include a few libraries for pcie.c to compile but now stuck (thanks to my ignorance ...)

had to do a few changes and add includes that were missing but now really stuck

/pcie.c:1657:25: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before string constant
1657 | MODULE_SUPPORTED_DEVICE("Marvell 802.11ac PCIE Adapter");
code as per what is on the github repository

#define PCIE_DRV_DESC "Marvell Mac80211 Wireless PCIE Network Driver"

and at the bottom

what is wrong ? why I am getting "error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before string constant"?! code compiles fine with 5.10 ... help please

third .. planning ... to start refactoring patches as needed

PR4748 and mvebu WIP, not sure if the latter has been based upon the PR.

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thank you anomeome ... i am not going to ask why MODULE_SUPPORTED_DEVICE(PCIE_DEV_NAME) is not needed anymore ... will add the patch though

have a good holiday with your loved ones thank u again

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