WRT3200ACM 160MHz WIFI 5Ghz on 21.02.3

Hello, i have been searching on the forum, but i don't understand if this feature works, or is just gone.
Can i use the 160 mhz on the linksys wrt3200acm whit openwrt, or no?
Or better, there is a version where it works, maybe divested or anything?
Can someone tell me if i can make it works, or it's just not working at all?

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SSH in to the router and run iw list

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what do you mean? it list all the wireless stuff.
The point is, if i set the wifi 5 on 160 MHz it doesnt start, i have to stick to 80 mhz for it to work.
I thought it was solved by now, but seems it still doesnt work.

It does show all the "wireless stuff"...in there is the VHT Capabilites for your device.

See Supported Channel Width.

You need to remove the modules for the third radio (mwifiex), then use a channel that supports 160MHz and is legal on the region where your device has been configured.

Just follow @anon89577378's advice, as a starting point.

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think i found the way, its just, sort of suck they couldn't fix this in a more elegant way.
Do you know if MU-MIMO actually works, or also thats only available on stock firmware?

NVM, the mwfwifi driver never been patched for good.
So i used the old method for WRT3200ACM EU version:

  • Remove the following radio2 and default_radio2 section from the /etc/config/wireless
    iw reg get
    Seems it's enforced on France on eu version
    So just set both Radio 0 and Radio 1 in FR or
nano /etc/config/wireless
option country 'FR'

To both radio o and radio 1

uci commit wireless

or just save and apply in luci.
Then just remove

opkg remove kmod-mwifiex-sdio mwifiex-sdio-firmware

but better to do that in luci, cause in ssh it gives a sort of dependecies error.
After that, seems i cannot use high channels still, but auto or channel 36 now works in 160 mhz.

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