Wrt3200acm 100mbits to 1gb speeds?

Wrt3200acm update again. I wanted to see how if i can change to 1gb speeds for wan, and/or lan. I'm kinda a dummy for using at-commands. I've kinda saw a forum somewhere how to enforce the command but i forgotten whats the command for it?

all of the ports on that device are gigabit. Have you done something to limit them to 100Mbps?

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No i don't think so? How can i change this back?

Ive switched this back to openwrt

A default installation of OpenWrt should run all ports at full speed. If you're seeing only 100Mbps, it may be related to cables, debris int the ports or bent pins, or the capabilities of the devices on the other end of the link,

How are you testing port speeds?

1 cable is cat 7 and the other is cat 8. And the newer cable has higher speeds then the other.

Cable ratings do not mean that they are not potentially damaged or otherwise defective -- even if they are new. But, assuming they are functioning properly, those cables will be able to support gigabit without issue.

Can you explain how you are verifying the port speeds and what things you have tried?

What is connected on the other side of the cables?

I keep maxing out at 300mbps. Sometimes more. And ive checked in the system tab and check and itll say 100mbits. My cat 8 is connected to my Smart TV and my Cat 7 is connected to my Ooma home phone.

Please check wan port status
ethtool wan

You can see it either in front status page or in network/switch in web interface.

You do not need cat9, cat6 is 10x above what you need.

Try enbling software offload (no hardware offload on your platform)

For starters make a baseline

wired and wireless (expected ~200-300 for one-antenna 400-600 for 2 antenna clients)

With what test method? If you get a result >100Mbps, your physical link must be running at gigabit speeds.

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