Wrt3200, 2 firmwares?


I have a snapshot on one of my wrt3200 partition and i would like to have the 19.07.5 stable build on the other.

What is the best way to upload the 19.07.5?
On the second partition, i still have the Linksys OEM.

Both OpenWrt and the OEM firmware leave the currently running partition as the fallback option. They always flash the new firmware to the other partition, copy current settings there, and then switch booting to happen from there.

This happens in a round robin fashion, so that you always overwrite the partition not currently used.

So, if you now sysupgrade with the 19.07.5 image, it will go to the other partition (overwriting Linksys) and the current one will continue to have master snapshot.

Ps. Look up luci-app-advanced-reboot app, so that it easy to switch the active partition later.


ok thanks,

but usualy, when we do ''sysupgrade'', upgrade the actual firmware, this upgrade goes to open wrt image not on the linksys firmware, dont know if you understand what I mean ? :wink:

Any sysupgrade of OpenWRT will always overwrite the "other" partition. So, if you sysupgrade OpenWRT it will overwrite your Linksys OEM partition and it will be gone.


ok so I dont have oem linksys anymore? cause I sysupgade my open wrt build last week. I upgraded my snapshot image...

There isn't an OEM partition and an OpenWrt partition. There are two partitions, one active and the other one as a backup. Any upgrade (OEM or other) installs on the backup partition, and the roles swap.

You always have the two latest firmwares that you have installed, OEM or not.


you can (on a wrt3200acm) install Advanced Reboot.
when you want to upgrade your current installation, you boot into the other partition and perform an upgrade.
this way I have an 19.07.4 partition and a 19.07.5 partition.

So you only need to think of what partition to boot into, when you upgrade.


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