WRT1900ACSv2 overlay partition size

Hi guys,

I flashed my WRT1900ACSv2 with LEDE and started configuring and installing packages. I soon noticed that the /overlay partition was running out of space even though the box has128MB flash (one of the reasons I went for the 1900ACS). Looking at System -> Software it turned out that only 23.5MB are made available to /overlay. Is there any way to make /overlay utilize more of the available flash memory? I know that I can also change to an extroot configuration. However, 128MB are more than sufficient and so I would prefer sticking to a non-extroot configuration.

-- Wolfgang

It has 128MB flash but if you look at the flash layout there (Layer 3):

Since there are two partitions (primary and alternate), the remaining firmware flash allowance (80MiB) is divided equally between both partitions, and then trimmed down further by the kernel image. So I think that's why you are left with that much space at the end.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Got your point. I should have looked more thoroughly at the device page - I might have noticed it ...

Anyways - I assume my only option if I want to install packages like forked-daapd is going for an extroot setup.

-- Wolfgang